Horihide 2

25 years ago, Horihide 2 started tattooing as an apprentice under a traditional Japanese "irezumi" master. He continued to develop his skills at tattoo shops overseas, where he added western-style tattooing to his reportoire. Horihide 2 is an expert in a wide range of styles and can turn your ideas into a beautiful work of art you will treasure forever.

Born in Aichi, Japan
Began studying "Irezumi" design
Apprenticed under Horihide (Horishige 2 Bunke) and began learning traditional Japanese "Irezumi" from Horihide and Horishige 2
Left the Horihide Ichimon to study authentic western-style tattooing, which were becoming increasingly popular at the time. Gained work experience in various studios in Japan and overseas
Worked at Five Star Tattoo in Australia
Returned to Japan upon the death of Horishige 2. Resumed his apprenticeship under Horihide
Chosen as successor to Horihide and given the name "Horihide 2"
Established Good Times Ink
Relocated to current open studio in America Mura in central Osaka

Other Artists


Horinori has been tattooing professionally for 25 years. He studied realistic-style tattooing under Paul Braniff in Australia. He has worked at some of the top studios in Japan and overseas. An extremely talented all-rounder, Horinori has been a regular artist at Good Times Ink since the year we began.


TAIKI has been part of the Good Times Ink team since we opened. He has over 10 years’ experience as a professional tattoo artist. Although, he is particularly well-known for playful new school designs sought by customers throughout Japan. He is a skilled all-rounder with an eye for detail.


Horinari has been tattooing professionally since 2005. He is active in domestic and overseas conventions. In addition to guest work at Good Times Ink, Horinari is a regular guest artist at top studios in Tokyo and Shizuoka. He also maintains a private studio, Nine State Design, in Osaka. He is a very skilled all-rounder.


During his 20 years as a professional tattoo artist, Horitaka has been active in the international and domestic convention scene. He is an all-rounder with a special emphasis on Japanese-style tattoos. He has been a part of the Good Times Ink family since the end of 2019.


Horihina apprenticed under Horihide 2 and is part of the Horihide 2 tattooing family. She uses her exceptional artistic abilities to design custom tattoos in a wide range of styles including old-school and black and gray.


Horihime apprenticed under Horihide 2 and is the newest addition to the Horihide 2 tattooing family. Her ability to focus and concentrate give her an edge with highly detailed designs. She also creates unique playful original designs.