タトゥー料金目安 Prices vary according to design and amount of detail. Prices below are approximate prices for various sizes.

For designs requiring multiple sessions (e.g., large wabori pieces), we charge an hourly rate of 12,000 ~ 15,000 yen.

Coin size ¥10,000—
Cigarette pack size ¥20,000—30,000
Postcard size ¥40,000—60,000
B5 paper size and up ¥80,000—

Japanese "irezumi" "Irezumi" style tattoos generally require several visits, we charge an hourly rate of 12,000 ~ 15,000 yen.

*After you decide on the design, your artist will provide an estimate for the number of hours required to finish the tattoo.


We ask for a deposit of 10,000 yen (or more for work requiring several visits--e.g., 30,000 yen deposit for a full backpiece). The deposit will be deducted from the final payment on the day your tattoo is completed.

Overseas customers can use PayPal for the deposit. We will send an invoice for the deposit amount.

Touch-up work on tattoos done by our artists will be performed free of charge.

We are not set up to accept credit cards. Payment at the studio is cash only.